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Mate is a family device which will allow everyone in the house to gather all their informations in one place. Any member of the family will have a special access to the contents and will see just what he needs to see. For example the children will not have access to their father's email box as everyone will have their own settings. It is a perfect assistant in the house. Their are much more opportunities because of the screen, the response now can be an image or a video... Its elegant design breaks the rules and makes it part of the interior.

Team project at ISD School


In 2014, we observed that most of the device in a house need an account. They are not made to be shared and used by different member of a family.


Moreover intelligent assistance are more and more intuitive for people and it emerges in different forms like Alexa from Amazon.

So what if in your house there is one device that is accessible to everyone in the most natural way.  Our idea was to create a home assistant for the family. This device is equipped with intelligent assistance, motion sensor, face recognition, visual and sound feedback so it makes easy for every member of the house to use it and get the informations they need. All the interaction are now really natural.


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